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It is exceedingly rare that someone will have the fabric of success woven throughout the entire tapestry of their work life; however, that is the precise anomaly that envelopes the footprints of Gaurav Sharma.

Gaurav Sharma is an Internationally acclaimed personal development author, consultant, speaker & self – love activist who have been known for delivering empowerment messages with authority and effectiveness since 2005. He is the pioneer of introducing the profession of self-love activist and first Indian speaker interviewed on People Building Members Club Webinar United Kingdom. His popularity touched new heights when in 2015 he became the most appreciated Indian speaker in Europe interviewed on PBMC, Webinar and ranked among the most influential people in the World by International European speaker and executive coach Nadine Demontfaucon. Gaurav is invited to be co-authored with the legendary American personal development expert Jim Britt. (Jim Britt is the first mentor of America’s famous public speaker and self-help author Anthony Robbins) Gaurav  is also prestigiously associated with NSANZ (National Speakers Association of New Zealand) and originator of Anti-Molestation Day.

This human behavior maven is positive minded with a passion for honesty, integrity, authenticity and humor. A highly motivated and driven individual, with a clear vision and passion for changing lives. As a tenacious professional with a born instinct for success he believes  most of us never get what we want in life due to lack of clarity, fear of failure and limiting beliefs. He considers life like an uneven road which leads us to various destinations but the journey is not smooth. Each and every human need some words of encouragement in his or her life. This cosmopolitan provide such kind of support from his well developed programs. These programs are designed in such a format that will put you on a road of success in the journey of life and will prove to be a mile stone that will help you to reach your destination.

Gaurav is a positive and inspiring professional that manages to bring out the best in you. His experience allow him to help identify unconscious beliefs and internal obstacles that do not allow you to be as powerful as you truly are and help guide you to your true potential by creating the life you have always dreamed of and give meaning to your life. His naturally friendly and outgoing personality set him apart in his field. This magnetizing professional provides a unique combination of education, research, real life experience and heartfelt humour to motivate you with his high content programs. These programs are captivating and full of practicable applicable knowledge that helps you to gain the winner’s edge in your personal and professional life. His dynamic programs have helped thousands of individuals, professionals and students to row their boats themselves and come out of their blues.

In a nutshell Mr. Gaurav Sharma is a source of inspiration for generations to come. He is the Next Generation Leader!

By Participating In Gaurav Sharma’s World – Class  Life Transforming Hi-Impact Personal Development Events You Cannot Remain Without Being Touched, Moved To Action Or To Change!

From Gaurav Sharma’s Heart  

When people say me participation in events has transformed their lives I feel blessed that God has chosen me for this pious work. Nothing in life is more amazing than knowing that you are the reason behind someone’s transformational change.

Often people ask me how it feels after earning such name and fame in the society. I reply them, no doubt it feels great but a person should never forget all name & fame earned in the society is meaningless if he or she is not serving the mankind honestly.

During webinar I was asked what the secret behind your success is & I replied, ” Honestly speaking there is no secret I only followed my passion with massive determined action”.

When kids look up to great scientists & authors the way they do to great cricketers and actors, civilization will jump to the next level.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Gaurav Sharma


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