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Signature Program!

UNSTOPPABLE   1 Day Program

Other Programs:

Behavioral Analysis 1 Day Program

Practicing Self-Love 1 Day Program

Setting  & Achieving Goals 1 Day Program

Anger Management 1 Day Program

Stress Management 1 Day Program

Time Management  1 Day Program

Harnessing Concentration  1 Day Program

Hi-Impact Presentations  1 Day Program

Talk To Win 1 Day Program

Next Generation Leadership 2 Day Program

Develop A Can Do Attitude 2 Day Program

Confident You 3 Day Program

Mastering Success 3 Day Program

{Participate in Any One or More}

Note: Signature program is the Unique Program that establishes Gaurav Sharma & Team as a LEADER in the market, captures UNIQUE PROCESS in a leveraged format, and allows Gaurav Sharma to serve MORE PEOPLE.

Investment Details

Deposits – 75% of investment is required to confirm event participation. Remaining 25% investment is due within 3 days before the event. Appropriate discount if full investment is made on the day of event participation confirmation.

Travel Expenses – Travel expenses will be added in an investment if an event is organised in client premises.

Travel expenses include:

Unrestricted Round Trip Airfare
Ground Transportation
Vegetarian Meals

Cancellation or Postponement Policy – If the event is cancelled or postponed by the client for any reason, speaker services shall be paid the appropriate postponement or cancellation charge as noted below:

Days Prior To Scheduled Event
10 or fewer

Postponement/Date Change

Cancellation Of Event

Note: In case of date change the next date will be rescheduled within 6 months according to speaker’s convenience.

For any reason if the speaker is not able to present the event on scheduled date next event date will be rescheduled within 21 days and client is not authorized to take any legal action to claim damages.

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